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Glowing Skin


SKIN TO ENVY! Skin is like a beautiful flower: it needs the right balance of nutrients to thrive. When your nutrition is compromised, it will wilt before its time. If you want skin to GLOW, you need to give it everything it needs to thrive. 

Experts agree the main cause of premature skin aging is exposure to UV rays, which create free radicals that degrade skin structure. It’s tempting to think skin creams and serums can help. But topical treatments only penetrate the epidermis: the outside layer of skin that accounts for just 10% of total skin volume. If you want to reach the other 90%, you have to work from the inside out!  

The star ingredient of Glowing Skin is our lutein complex, which, along with its cousin astaxanthin, absorbs damaging UV light. Lutein has been clinically shown to improve skin moisture and elasticity, while astaxanthin has been found to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Glowing Skin also includes vitamin C which is critical for the synthesis of collagen; in the cell penetrating form of ascorbic acid. We also fortified this amazing formula with DMAE and bamboo to provide a wealth of minerals necessary for good skin tone.  

Here's what you can expect with Glowing Skin:

- Promotes Collagen synthesis

- Reduces premature aging due to UV exposure

- Improves skin moisture and elasticity

- Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

- Supports good skin tone 

+How to use

Take 2 Veggie Caps by mouth daily with food preferably with 8-10 ounces of water or juice.