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  • MUD Detox Bath & Body Mask
    • MUD Detox Bath & Body Mask

    Detox Bath & Body Mask


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    MUD is a clay bath powder designed to detox your body, smooth your skin and relax your mind. MUD's key ingredient, Bentonite clay, has an electrical charge which comes to life when married with water. The negative charge in the clay attracts the positive charge found in toxins, and this is how toxins are extracted.

    There are many reasons people choose to detox and use MUD, may include (but not limited to):

    Because you like to party like it's 1999.

    Because you insist on being connected 24/7 - even when attempting to disconnect (cue snapchat).

    Because you can never say no to Sunday brunch, or that extra piece of cake.

    Because you just want a decent night's sleep.

    Because you deserve to be pampered.

    Because you wouldn't mind chillin out and relaxing.

    Because you want incredibly soft and smooth skin.

    Size: 7 oz

    MUD Detox Bath:

    1: Pour 50-100gm of your MUD mix into a glass, ceramic or plastic bowl (avoid metal where possible. This can affect the magnetic charge of the clay).

    2: Add warm water to your mix, to create a paste, or cream-like consistency. Use the bamboo spoon provided to ensure all the lumps are mixed out. Run your bath to your desired temperature.

    3: Add the MUD mix to the bath. Your bath will turn a murky shade of brown, and then you youll be ready for the ultimate MUD Detox Bath. We recommend to bathe anywhere between 20-40 mins.

    4: Remember to have a quick rinse under the shower when you're done, to get rid of those pesky toxins.

    MUD Body Mask:

    1: Create your MUD Mix, with approximately 50-100gm of your MUD powder. Slowly add warm water to the mix, until you create a paste.

    2: Once you've mixed your MUD paste, use the bamboo spoon or your hands, to lather the mix onto your body - creating a body mask.

    TIP: If you have specific areas you wish to target (for example, dry skin on your hands or a sore muscle from the gym) we recommend creating a paste specifically for that area and leaving it on the body for around 15 mins If youre after just an all body detox, and dont have a tub - lather that MUD mix all over your body. Let it sit for approximately 15-20 mins, try not to let it dry completely. And then rinse off in the shower.

    MUD Face mask:

    1: Using approximately two heaped spoonfuls of your MUD powder, add this to your glass, ceramic or plastic bowl. Slowly add warm water until you create a cream-like consistency.

    2: Once you've mixed the paste together, using the spoon or your hands, lather on your face for a reinvigorating and detoxifying face mask. Leave for 10-15 mins, and then rinse off.

    MUD Foot bath:

    Dont have a tub? And no time for a Body mask? Grab your laundry bucket and indulge in a pamper session with a MUD foot bath.

    1:Using your MUD powder, scoop a couple of spoonfuls into a glass, ceramic or plastic bowl. Slowly add warm water to create a paste.

    2: Add the MUD mix to your foot bath. You will still get the same detoxification effects, so remember you will be slightly sleepy and super relaxed after your foot bath.

    Bentonite clay targets toxins, chemicals and impurities.

    Kaolin clay increases circulation and exfoliates.

    Kaolin clay increases circulation and exfoliates.

    Sandalwood powder improves skin tone and reduces dryness.

    Aloe vera powder moisturises and helps alleviate skin conditions.

    Organic French lavender powder regulates sleep and promotes relaxation.

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