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Honestly works

I love this product! Helps my under eyes wake up after a long night of dealing with a baby :p

You know it's good when your man notices!

I am on my second Bella Verite product, and so far, the entire line is literally amazing. Within the 10 days of using this serum, my husband even noticed a difference! It brightened, cleared, and overall, made my complexion look pretty bomb. I would absolutely recommend.

It's a wonderful product for me

I dab a tiny bit under my eyes on top of my makeup - it hydrates the area and prevents the look of makeup settling in the creases around my eyes.


My skin definitely is clearer and more radiant

New favourite!

Vitamin C is an essential part of my AM routine, and this is by far my favourite product. Wish you guys had a storefront in Canada though! :(

So stinkin good!

Makes an immediate impact- makes you look awake!

Smooth and refreshing

This Herbal eye gel was a random purchase, but it did not disappoint! It glides on smoothly! And a few minutes after applicating you get this refreshing cool sensation, just like the name of this product suggests. It's awaking. Makes your eyes feel fresh. I see results and I'm 54 years young!

Comforting and cooling

Fast shipping to London, UK and I love cooling effect. Most definitely minimizes the puffiness immediately. Top Product!

Baby soft skin!

I am so glad I decided to get this product! This exfoliant face scrub is so nice and leaves the skin so smooth. It works gently but extremely and effectively removes dead skin.


Quick question

Hydrating exfoliation

Love this stuff and it is my second time purchasing it. Refreshes and resurfaces the skin but doesn't dry my already parched skin. Had my 19-year-old son try it on his forehead acne and it made a noticeable difference.

Skin so soft!

My skin has never felt so soft and this tropical/coconut scrub smells great!


Clearer skin here we come! Soo obsessed with this mask!

Glowy, bright and dewy

This works better than my other Vitamin C serums. It’s more moisturizing. It gave me better results, and it costs less. If you have the money to splurge on a daily vitamin C serum, this is it.

It's good! It is the only vitamin C serum I have found that does not burn my face. It's a delicious creamy consistency vs liquid, which I like.

No Reaction

Love how this helps with light puffiness. I am also allergic to every eye cream I’ve ever used and can actually wear this for some hydration over a serum too.


Amazing! Where has this Eye Gel been all my life!?

I was skeptical about this primer, but I love it!!! My skin looks so healthy! I haven't broken out once, which is what usually happens with primers!

All in one Primer

Feels smooth. I like the light Botanical smell too but not an over powering scent. Make up goes on nicely.

Glow all day!

It’s light and creamy and no nasty chemicals!


I love this product! It’s feels light on my face while it also keeps it moisturized through the day. It allows my makeup to go on smoothly and smells delicious.


I have combination skin, some days dry some days oily. My face immediately looks brighter upon putting this serum on, it smell's great, and I love the super fresh feeling i get afterwards. My skin feels so much cleaner.

Worth every penny

Super light weight, absorbs well. Leaved skin feeling and looking great. Best creamy vitamin C serum out there for the money.


It instantly tightens under my eyes and gives me a good base to apply my concealer. I also love how refreshing the cooling effect feels after I wash my face. Fast shipping to Toronto, CA as well!

Use every single day. Helps my eyes feel awake