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Love This

With some hesitation I ordered this gel but to my surprise it works really well. I put it on 2x a day once in the morning and in the evevning. My eyes look brighter and it seems to take the puffiness away. Would reccomend this product.

Cool As a Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel
Leticia Malagon-Henderson
Eye Gel

I've been using the eye gel for two weeks and I must say that I'm impressed with the quick results. I have noticed a considerable improvement with my puffy eyes. I don't know how many products I've bought and tried only to give up on them. This gel does what it says. Love it!

Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel

Good Morning,

Your customer service is phenomenal. I love the staff and the immediate response given to customers. I wish you considered success.

So far - very impressed!!

I was surprised to find that the jar of eye cream is huge compared to my usual “go to” eye cream - Clinique or Estée Laude - this makes it very good value for money. Only used for three days but my eyes definitely look hydrated and fresh !!

Cucumber daily cleanser

Very nice ,non drying skin feels soft and supple :))

Order arrived quickly and packaging was very good thankyou

Nekter Moisturizer
Rhonda Scatchard

Very soothing

Eye gel

Very soothing

Cucumber eye cream

Have used twice a day for about a week so far. Nice formulation, soothing...hasn't decreased my eye bags but that is from fluid retention....

Great product

Reduces puffiness! Very soothing

Only used it for 1 day , quite soothing


I just received it today so shipping was great. I only used this once so can't give a review on it.

Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel

Took away the redness but not the bags. It is very cooling and felt nice.

Cool As a Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel
Susan Cohen DeStefano
Great, effective product

I have been very happy with this gel. It's refreshing to use, and does what it says it does. It relieves puffiness, and diminishes the look of my dark circles. I also appreciate the size of the jar, andI hope it will last for some time.

Tired old skin

The ravages of life play havoc with your skin and I’m hoping this Herbal eye Gel puts some vitality around my eyes...We will see. 😌

Fantastic a product that really works.

When I bought this amazing Herbal eye gel {it came in two}. This eye gel really work.I am so pleased. There's Avocado,Coffee Bean Extract,Cucumber,SheaButter. I put under my eye and on the lid. I
Rub gently and Tap Tap. Eye bag just disappear.I Love it. The only complain that I have is there is a smell,it must be because of the ingredient.

I have only been using this for less than week but I do see improvement. The puffiness seems to be less and feels so cool and relaxing at night. I will reorder again.

Amazing eye cream!

I just got this product and I can truly say it's amazing! It got rid of my puffy eyes instantly! It feels amazing and it's cool like cucumber on the eye area. I love this product and highly recommend it!

Works great

This is the best eye gel. Works right away

i like the cool soothing feel to it. however not suitable for eye bags, but would order it again. it is a big bottle, so will last a very long time

This is amazing!

I have not been using this long, but I have noticed a difference with my under eye puffiness. I have tried alot of other products, but nothing has worked like this has. I love the cooling feeling when you put it on, it is like I can feel the puffiness going away.


I noticed the changed after one night!

Love the cucumber scent and tingle!

This eye gel feels great going on. Feels like self-care.

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Jinelle Vaiana
Love the cucumber scent and tingle!

This eye gel feels great going on. Feels like self-care.