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Been taking for some time at least 3 months
Decided to order thru u so i have without alway waiting or remembering to order so now i am on a reg delivery

Cooling eye gel

Love this product so much! I have very sensitive skin and this product has been so soothing and I haven’t had any reactions. My puffiness and dark circles (mom life) are so much better. I feel more confident thanks to this product. Definitely will be purchasing again!

Love this eye gel

I am not certain that it has taken the puffiness away from under my eyes. However, it is cooling and smoothing. And it smells great!

Cool Gel

I have only been using this product for less than a month. It feels good on my skin when I apply it. I have a little puffiness under my eyes; I’m waiting for this to diminish.

Does exactly as intended

I really love this product. Was drawn in from their Herbal Eye Gel and I came across this Probiotic blend. Not only did it relieve my digestive issues, it clearly made my skin more radiant and healthier. Love that this is a duel threat product. I've used this for over 3 months and will continue to do so.

Cool As a Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel

Cool As a Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel

Cucumber Eye Cream

It is cooling, soothing and moisturizing. It helps the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. It has a very pleasant cucumber smell. There is no burning like other eye creams. Just gentle smoothing and healing. It is by far the best eye cream I have ever purchased. Pure ingredients. I have extra sensitive skin and nothing has worked for me until now. I am so pleased that I tried this.

Love this gel!

Cool as stated, absorbs quickly, love the results. Only used a couple weeks, but feel more hydrated without oiliness. Definitely lessens fine lines.

Good eye gel

Have only been using the eye gel for a short period of time but like the feel and effects so far. Puffiness is not gone but is decreased.

Herbal eye gel

This gel works for dark circles and puffy eyes after daily applications

Cool As a Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel

Great Product

I use this everyday. A little goes a long way and I keep mine in my fridge for an extra cooling sensation. Affordable with plenty of product unlike other under eye creams I’ve tried.

Give it some time

The less puffy your eyes are the better this serum works. it has been a week and my eyes are less puffy.

Great stuff

I love the eye gel, it’s very cool, smells good and it doesn’t get sticky.

Its too soon to review.


Great product, tastes amazing & loving the natural ingredients.


I have to say, this natural pre workout is by far the best I've ever had. It definitely provides the energy needed for a good workout without any type of crash after. Bonus that its all natural and has beneficial ingredients - its hard to find things like this out there, but I am impressed beyond. Thank you!! You have a very satisfied customer 😊

The Best Eye Cream

Have used many different products over the years for dark circles with minimal results. I noticed a difference after just a few uses! Smooths out under eye area, puffiness reduced, and dark circles have diminished. have recommended to all of my friends and family! My new favorite eye product!

Not too sure

It reduced puffiness a little. It does feel good when applied



ool As a Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel from our store, Bella Vérité .

I have been applying the gel since I received it 4 days a go and have seen a difference.
Thank You!

haven't tried it yet, sorry.

An Eye Gel That Works

Simply stated, this eye gel does the job!
I’ve only been using it every night gor almost 2 weeks snd I see such a difference in the tender under eye skin.
Less puffy and the lines have softened.