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Why Clean Beauty

Why Is Clean, Non-Toxic Beauty So Important?

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Did you know, your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs 60% of everything you put on your skin? In most cases, it only takes 26 seconds for cosmetics to be absorbed into your bloodstream.



The cosmetics industry puts   80,000 untested synthetic chemicals  into personal care products.

60% of everything you topically use is   absorbed into your bloodstream.

The United States has   not passed a major federal law  to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products   since 1938.

The   personal care industry in the U.S. is unregulated, leaving companies to make their own decision on what is considered safe with no government oversight.   The US has only banned 11 ingredients  to date (the European Union has banned more than 1,300 chemicals).

The average American woman uses   10-12 personal care products a day  containing more than   100 chemicals  that we ingest, inhale, and absorb through our skin.

With repetitive use these chemicals contribute to cancer, hormone disruption, developmental disabilities, birth defects and other health problems.




Because of knowledgeable and health conscious consumers like yourself, there are   hundreds of natural brands available  and new ones being launched daily

✅ We offer 40+ natural and organic brands  that feel good and do good without the toxins.

✅ Nontoxic and high-performance  are no longer mutually exclusive.

✅ We carefully examine every ingredient, so you don’t have to.

At Bella Verite, we love effective products, beautifully pigmented makeup and high quality ingredients that are not harmful to our health or the earth. We test and check to make sure our products do not carry any of the biggest offenders from our Blacklisted Ingredients List. Let us do the vetting and label research for you!