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Saving Face

Saving Face

"My go-to acne treatment. There is a noticeable difference after night 1 or 2 of treatment." ~ Jennifer

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Saving Face is an on-the-spot solution for troublesome bumps. This fast-acting, effective spot cream is formulated with Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, and Zinc Oxide to help reduce the appearance of redness and impurities from the skin to target pesky problems while you sleep.

Clean & Effective Ingredients

Isopropyl Alcohol, Water, Calamine, Camphor, Colloidal Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Zeolite, Glycerin, Salicylic Acid, Titanium Dioxide.

How to Use

*Do NOT apply to broken skin*

*Do NOT shake the bottle*

Before bed, apply to a clean face by dipping a cotton swab into the pink sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Dab directly on the surface blemish. Do not rub in. Let dry overnight and rinse in the morning.


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Enhance your beauty routine...

By using Saving Face to clear breakouts, calm redness, and to soothe acne prone skin with active ingredients while keeping your skin protected!

Minimizes the appearance of spots

Helps reduce the appearance of redness

Shrinks the appearance of pore size

Draws impurities from the skin

The Ingredients Making Noise

Colloidal Sulfur

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Salicylic Acid

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Zinc Oxide

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This unique lotion helps to dry up marks overnight. Dip a cotton swab in the bottom of the bottle and apply it to clean skin. In the morning, cleanse your face to reveal soothed, better-looking skin.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Will this help my acne?

Spa Glow Charcoal Mask is our go-to for congested skin! It gently detoxifies and nourishes to banish breakouts without leaving your skin feeling stripped.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use this?

Yes! If you have sensitive skin, we recommend trying a patch test before using Spa Glow Charcoal Mask on your entire face. To avoid irritation, leave on no longer than 10-15 minutes.

How long does this last?

Depending on usage, a jar should last between 4-8 weeks.

What's the best way to use this?

Apply evenly as a full mask over clean skin or to your T-zone. Leave on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes to allow the mask to dry. Finish by rinsing skin thoroughly with warm water. This mask can be used two or three times per week.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My go-to acne treatment

At the onset of pimple, I dip a Q-tip in this miracle liquid, and dab the paste over the pimple or whitehead, go to sleep, and rinse it off in the morning. There is a noticeable difference after night 1 or 2 of treatment.

#holygrail acne fighter!

I can not live without this product. I apply at the start of a blemish and it really helps to shorten the blemishes life span. This is the much cleaner version of Mario Badescu or Kate Somerville product.


This lotion dries pimples out faster than anything I have used. Makes them 50% better after an overnight treatment and after day 2 it is usually almost gone. Proceed with caution though, as it can really dry out the treated spot.

Saving Face